Founded in 2015, Lieblingskapital aims to create an opportunity for customers to invest in tangible assets easily and carefree as only few investments are as secure and attractive as tangible assets. Due to rapidly growing international demand, assets such as watches, precious metals and diamonds have an extraordinarily high potential of appreciation and are essential for a balanced risk diversification, especially in times of low interest rates and rising inflation.



Luxury watches are considered an interesting investment option. This is especially true for watches made by manufacturers with exceptional craftsmanship and ideally in limited production numbers. Lieblingskapital enables you to buy and sell collectible watches easily without any personal effort.


Precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum or palladium are proven means of hedging one's portfolio against currency and stock market turbulences and have always been regarded as a guarantor of stable purchasing power. They are among nature's most valuable commodities, and only available in limited quantities restricted by natural constraints.Therefore their price cannot be inflated.The increased demand from the industry as well as the demand from the investment sector lead to the fact that these precious metals experience positive price developments.


Diamonds are particularly suitable as a strategic investment. They offer inflation protection and an extraordinarily crisis-proof value retention.In addition to the stable value development over the decades, the high concentration of value makes storage especially easy compared to other assets.While the demand for diamonds is still rising, mainly due to the growing popularity in Asia, supply is becoming tighter as it is  becoming increasingly difficult for mining companies to mine large quantities of diamonds.Both developments will continue to have a positive impact on diamond prices.